“Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” Features Don P


Meet Don. Don has been subsisting on red-eyes and gallows humor for over thirty-five years.  For the past five, he’s tried to channel  that caffeine and witty cynicism into his short stories and flash fiction.  He’s been published at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Fantasy Magazine, Reflection’s Edge, and other places.

Aimee Bender wrote, “I want to be violated by insight.” This is the desire Don strives to elicit in his readers.

Don lives and writes in upstate New York, and can be found at www.warmfuzzyfreudianslippers.com or on Twitter. Come say hi.

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0 Comments on ““Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” Features Don P”

  1. Thanks for letting me play, Mercedes!

    @Nisa: Drop by any time!

    @Hinny: When does your mask picture come out? 😉

    @Cate: *blush*

    @Natalie: I’m just looking for someone to tell me what my recurring dreams of bananas, cellos, and short, blunt swords means… ?

  2. Mercedes, I’ve been reading through your blog for the past thirty minutes after randomly finding it a couple of days ago and I LOVE the Writer’s in Masks series. I love how the mask each author choose really says something about their preferred genre/ style of writing. I can’t wait for more! Maybe one day I’ll put on a mask for you, although I find that I am not mysterious at all in my writing, I’m rather painfully honest. Perhaps I should work on that…


  3. Nisa, you and Don will hit it off. I can totally see you shaking sticks at each other.

    Hinny! Where’s your masked pic, huh? Send one in! I bet it would be fantastic. 🙂

    Cate, it’s an awesome one, that’s for sure! But yours is still one of my very favorites. And you were so brave to go first!

    Natalie: heh heh. Heh heh. Cornholio.

    Don: thanks for playing, Famine!

    Rachel, I’m so glad that you dropped by! You’re very welcome here. 🙂

    Harley, when you show up in my dreams, you’re always pointing out that you still fit in your cheerleader uniform. Let’s go rollerskating!

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