“Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” Features Kirsty Logan

Kirsty would like to let you know that her name is not Kristy or
Kirsten. She lives with her girlfriend in Glasgow, in a tenement flat
full of guitars, half-read books, and chandeliers.

Kirsty plans to spread herself across the entire internet: she blogs, Twitters, Facebooks, edits flash fiction magazine Fractured West, reviews music for Wears the Trousers, and writes articles for The Skinny, PANK, and Branta.

All of this serves to distract her from what she is supposed to be
doing, which is writing fiction. Kirsty writes sci-fi erotica,
mythical poetry, retold fairy tales, and whatever else seems more
interesting than playing Bejewelled. She is currently working on a
coming-of-age novella about princesses, robots and mermaids in the
gritty glamour of an alternative Glasgow.

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