6 Comments on “Ten Word Tuesday: The Forest of Hands and Teeth”

  1. Apt comparison to The Village, though there was so much more suspense and action in Carrie Ryan’s novel. Maybe M. Night Shamalamawhatshisname should take some notes.

  2. To be labeled as YA, this book had some pretty graphic and disturbing imagery. Truth be told, the (SPOILER ALERT) scene with the baby in the abandoned house sticks with me even now.

  3. Ken- It’s an awesome title! Have to admit that was what originally drew me. It makes me want to work on my own.

    Hinny- I thought it was really good. A little slow and leisurely, but a great read.

    Gef- Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, “The Village” was pretty snoozy. I totally dug “Signs”.

    Barry- I was talking with an agent at KillerCon and she said that basically the only thing that makes or breaks YA is the character’s age. It can be dark, gritty, and scary, but as long as the protagonist is between 13-19, it’s YA. Who knew?

    K.M.- I would have preferred a few different scenarios, but I thought the ending was pretty satisfying.

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