Whoa. Busy. Challenges.

I’m slushing like crazy through Shock Totem.  I’m also very proud to be a slush reader for the Science In My Fiction short story contest.  On top of that, I need to write and polish my chapter a week because I live in constant fear of losing to my friend Simon.  I’ve beat him twice in a row, which makes me feel like a winner.  I danced. I mocked. I ran a picture of his back tattoo and demanded that he compose me a sonnet that casts me in a favorable light.  That might take all of his talent right there, mind you. 

…except that apparently it doesn’t.  I received an email from the man written in iambic pentameter.  Snap, and I thought this consequence was going to be hard!

Also, I have an update on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse challenge. Don is down for the count and owes us a musical video. Harley and Jason are still in the running. This contest might take a while.

and I have a challenge to see who can get into Strange Horizons first. The winner gets a lovely, fawning letter written by the…uh, non-winner. (Loser sounds so harsh, doesn’t it?) This contest might take a while.

And of course there is the HWA challenge against my dear Matt. Originally we thought this would be a lightning quick contest. We updated on it weekly, stomped around, and roared. Matt tried to devour Tokyo. Now we sometimes spit a little fire as we pass each other by, but mostly we give each other long distance high-fives and ask if these pants make us look fat. This contest has taken a while.

8 Comments on “Whoa. Busy. Challenges.”

  1. Because I should, and since it’s quite expected,
    I’ll write a comment here. Yes I’ve neglected
    To do my share of writing. This is sad.
    To have you beat me week on week is bad.
    And so I say, the sonnet, it is pending,
    And dear, your two-week winning streak is ENDING!

  2. Seems like the winner of the getting-into-Strange-Horizons-first should write the non-winner a “so sorry, I’m sure they made a mistake and should have picked your much more worthy story,” because of course once you’ve gotten that acceptance from Strange Horizons, you can afford to be gracious to the little people. 🙂

    You are so incredibly busy I feel tired just reading your post.

  3. I’ll have you know I am just as determined about our challenge as the day it was issued. I am focused like a laser on…
    Hey! That squirrel outside has a bushy tail! Hee Hee! Come back squirrel!

  4. Wow. You’re a force to be reckoned with. Remind me never to enter a challenge with you. I’m sure you’d have me on a table in a tube top and pigtails doing the macarena.

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