All Stitched Up

So I gotta tell ya what happened this week.

It was a lovely day at church where Small Son inadvertently put his hand through the window.  It cut his wrist horribly, barely missing the artery.   When I took a good look at it, I pretty much hit the floor. While I claim that I was always fully conscious, at least a little bit, this has been disputed by those present. And apparently I wasn’t the only one who fainted when I saw it, either, although I was busy seeing stars and can’t confirm it.  Go, me.

But he’s stitched, he’s happy, life goes on and Tiny Daughter now insists on wearing a bandage on her wrist, too.  In fact, she insists that the entire family wears them as a reward after cleaning and changing Small Son’s bandages, so for at least half an hour a night we look like the Yardley Suicide Club.  It’s grisly, but black humor is pulling us through. 

What’s even more ironic is that the night before this happened, my mom said, “If I didn’t see the weird things that constantly happen in your life, I wouldn’t believe it.  Your life is a comic strip.”

Yes, yes it is.

So I took a little time off and spent it appreciating my wonderful family.  Now I’m ready to get back into the writing grind, and I no longer start sobbing whenever somebody says, “Hey, at least now you have another chapter for your Williams Syndrome book!”  Rock on.

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  1. I am so glad he is okay!!!!!

    I hate to say it, but, the whole stitches thing is 100% boy. I had one boy go to the ER on a Monday to receive 5 stitches and then my younger son to the ER two weeks later for 3 stitches. I feel your pain with the whole, looking at the cut, thing. I do my absolute best to stay calm but I’ll admit I fail miserably at it.

    Again, so glad your little guy is alright.

  2. Hey Mercedes! I’m glad you finally got the bandage changed. And I’m glad the little guy is doing all better. That’s sweet that your girl wants to contain the solidarity! Suicide family unite-(see it could be like a really, super cool superhero ring click thing where you and your family bang the bandages together and instantly transform into crazy fabulous costumes… 😀 )

    Don’t fret too much, a lot of people’s lives are like a comic book. That’s what makes us so creative AND interesting.

    Good luck with the writing, rock on to you too!

  3. WOW! Not much else, but WOW! I do like the bandages…a fam that bandages together stays together. (But that could be that Tiny Daughter has you bandaged together literally) :o)

  4. I’m so glad he’s okay- and black humor does help from time to time, doesn’t it?
    I think it’s great that after an incident like this, you’re able to take something positive out of it; families are life! 🙂

  5. 😀 yep that is all boy hon. Scraped knees, broken bones, all that good stuff. You will get used to it eventually. 😉

    Glad everyone is okay.

  6. So sorry your son went through this ordeal. I think it’s adorable that your daughter insisted everyone wear identical bandages. Such love!

    This reminds me of a 911 call I handled back in 1988, when a five year old boy ran through a sliding glass door and his dad ran right after him on instinct. Tons of blood, the poor lad required 500 stitches in his belly, the father required stitching, too. It was a rough scene, lots of people around, as it happened during a party. My future husband was one of the volunteer firemen who was part of the ambulance crew.

  7. You know, Merc… I’d agree with the 100% boy comment were it not for my daughter. She’s my accident waiting to happen. She’s had stitches three times already, while my two sons have never had a single stitch. Though, the youngest boy did break his arm (well… had it broken for him. Roughing around inside never pays off well.)

    I’m glad your boy is okay. And you know… even if you did lose consciousness for a bit… that’s okay. It’s understandable. And… At least you didn’t piss your pants (says the lady who did just that last time she panicked).

  8. Eek! I missed this post–I’m so glad your son is okay, and it’s charming (if delightfully creepy) that your daughter insists on the family wearing bandages too. That’s real family solidarity!

    I’m glad you’re okay too!

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