“Be Mysterious: Writers In Masks” Features Kaolin Fire

Kaolin Fire wears many masks, day in, day out. Few of them are physical, but many are real–and some that aren’t particularly tangible are far the more powerful for that. Hopefully this mask is one of the further-removed from reality, but it’s one of his favorites. He finds it’s very imposing in-person.

Outside of his primary occupation of software development nee web development he also develops computer games, edits Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine, and very occasionally teaches computer science.

He has had:
* short fiction published in Strange Horizons, Tuesday Shorts, Escape Velocity, and Alienskin Magazine, among others.
* #twitfic published in @tweetthemeat, @thaumatrope, and @outshine, among others.
* poetry published in Strange Horizons, Every Day Weirdness, and Bull Spec, among others.

Selected publications that can be read in whole are linked from his homepage at http://www.erif.org.

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  1. you asked me to take a pic with one of my African masks, I have one for you, Mercedes, where would you like me to send it? 🙂 Drop me an email if you like.

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