“Be Mysterious: Writers In Masks” Features Steven Pirie

Steven Pirie lives in a post box in Liverpool, England. He gets a lot of mail, but pushes it back out when no one’s looking.
His first love is writing humorous fantasy—his novel Digging up Donald, published by Immanion Press in hardback in 2004, and again by Immanion in paperback in 2007, was critically acclaimed. This has encouraged Steven to pen a second novel, Burying Brian, which is to be published by Immanion Press in September 2010 (with a launch at the British Fantasy Society’s FantasyCon). His short fiction has been published worldwide. He’ll also write “gritty” stuff when the mood takes him.
Steve’s Blog may be found at www.stevenpirie.blogspot.com and his website is www.stevenpirie.com.

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4 Comments on ““Be Mysterious: Writers In Masks” Features Steven Pirie”

  1. Svelte, ah would that it were so.

    I’m six foot and built like a rugby player. There was stooping, and some shoving from behind 🙂

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