“Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” features Matt Betts

So, not the traditional sort of mask here. I’ve been growing a beard – for no reason really. It started out as shear laziness – not wanting to shave over the winter holidays and just went from there.
Sometime in the new year I hit that point where I actually had to start doing maintenance on it: trimming it up, making it look good, etc. This prompted me to wonder whether it was more work to shave every day or to keep it looking halfway decent. It was kind of a wash, so I let it go.
Soon, I began to realize the pitfalls of eating certain foods that might not interact well with facial hair. I’m constantly afraid there is something stuck somewhere on my face and no matter how hard I try to clean it off, I’m never sure there isn’t something still lurking.
Worse than that? A cold. I won’t be graphic, but if you understand how much I fear having food stuck to my face, sneezing is much scarier. I’m just sayin.
As summer approaches, I’m struck by just how unpleasant this thing is in the heat. I won’t lie, it’s itchy.
No idea how much longer this thing will last. I’ve been saying I’ll shave it at least once a week for the past month. We shall see.
The Elvis Presley sunglasses? Got’em on my trip to Vegas a few years back. I wore those just for you, Mercedes!

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6 Comments on ““Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” features Matt Betts”

  1. The beard totally suits you, Matt.

    I have one because I hate shaving as well. You get by the sneezing thing in time. Try projecting the sneeze forward, containing the offensive matter in your open hand. This more difficult while driving.

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