Seattle Teaches Me A Lesson

Hello, my friends. I have fallen into the rabbit hole and emerged into a land of creativity.  I’m bombing around in my old home, Seattle, and it feels fantastic.

I didn’t write much when I lived here.  I was surrounded by this bustling, artistic city and I was focused on schooling.  Being a (kind of) newlywed.  Figuring out what to do with a new, tiny bundle of joy.  Learning how to enjoy life in abject student poverty.  It was an awesome time full of change, but I do wish that I had taken advantage of what the city had to offer.  Like trapeze classes! How can life be ho-hum if you can take trapeze classes?

Anyway, it feels fantastic to come back.  I slid back into everything like I had never left.  My brain is churning with creative ideas, but perhaps the most valuable insight is that I’m now determined to take in what Vegas has to offer while I’m still there.  What can I learn in Vegas that I can’t learn anywhere else?  (And no, I’m not talking pole-dancing.)  It’s an opportunity to enrich my writing as well as enriching my life.  Rock on.

Is there anything that you want to do in your city/town that you haven’t done yet?  What’s stopping you?

4 Comments on “Seattle Teaches Me A Lesson”

  1. I think you know what disappoints me the most about this post…. 😛

    Er… yay for your vacation! *cough*

    (And trapeze lessons?)

  2. Probably lots of things…and the answer to the second question – ME.

    I did work for the circus for a brief period in the 1970s – no trapeze walking for me though.

  3. I am so happy for you…creative inspiration is priceless. Milk it.

    I honestly can’t think of anything I’d like to do in my town that I haven’t already done. But if there was a place in my town that could make me magically thinner, well then, I’d do that. Seeing as there is no such place other than the gym I already belong to, nothing is stopping me. Except me.

  4. I need to take that tour of Quantrail’s raid (he was a “border ruffian” who burned Lawrence during the Civil War). Be nice to see where all those innocent civilians were gunned down in the streets. Purely from a research standpoint, of course.

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