WIP Wednesday: Schizophrenia

Hard at work on the Williams Project.  Now that I wrote all of the difficult, gut-wrenching chapters, I find myself focusing on the lovely things.  It is all butterflies and spinny kisses in my world from here on out.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, feels fabulous!

I’m also going to flesh out one of my favorite novels.  I heard a few suggestions today that kick-started my brain into gear, and it has been racing ever since.  I’m hungry for it! I’m growling about sitting on a plane when I really want to be writing.  Perhaps I can chew a limb off and escape to the computer for a while.

I’m also polishing a few short stories because I found an interesting place to send a collection.  I’m tempted to do it because it’s something new that I haven’t done before.  New things FTW, says I!

3 Comments on “WIP Wednesday: Schizophrenia”

  1. Simon-Like the stars, my teeth come out at night.

    Thank you, wit! It’s so good to hear from you again! I’m going to go climb around in your blog and say hi. 🙂

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