“Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” features Lua Fowles

A couple years ago I went Venice to attend the carnival! It was magical- walking through the narrow streets of Venice, surrendered by masks and the instant feeling of liberty took me over.
Being a writer means wearing lots of mask; I am the girl who is blind with love, the villain who wants revenge, the mother who lost her child even the angel of death, I wait for the darkest hour and collecting souls one by one…
I live in a city with many masks, Istanbul is my muse… I love its mosaic structure, how it’s the true bridge between Europe and Asia, bearing the traces of both cultures. It’s good to be me, I’m a writer with many masks and living in a city with many stories to tell…
“Lua Fowles is an aspiring writer from Istanbul Turkey, currently working on her first novel, ‘Closed Eyes, Change of Heart’… On her blog, Bowl of Oranges, she’s talking about the difficult but joyous journey of becoming a writer. She’ll be on her way to the University of Kent to get an MA degree on Creative Writing this September.
Visit Lua’s blog here: http://likeabowloforanges.wordpress.com/

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17 Comments on ““Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” features Lua Fowles”

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  2. What a beautiful mask! And thank you for sharing a bit about yourself. Two places I desperately want to go: Venice and Istanbul. *sigh*

  3. Wonderful writing Lua. And historically a huge connection between Istanbul and Venice. Lovely piece: congrats to you and to Mercedes for coming up with the idea.

  4. Aww.. What a short paragraph! Wish it had been longer 😛

    Really beautiful words you have there! …And I think, the mysteriousness of it all makes readers very curious.

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