A Little Bloggy Housecleaning

I’m doing a little spit polish on the good ole blog.  I combined a few of my tabs together (Ultra Shorts has been combined with Fiction, which is a shame because Ultra Shorts got an awful lot of hits.  Sorry to disappoint you with my utter lack of porn, my fine readers!) and I added an Interviews tab.  So you can, um, read my interviews.  If you want to.

Today I’m going to add another tab and we’ll put the entire Stilettos and Shirley Temples serial in one easy to read place.  No longer will you have to ping-pong between Simon’s site and mine in order to catch up!  You can thank Simon for being sensitive and aware of your needs.  He’s always thinking of you.  In fact, he has all of your names tattooed on his body somewhere.  That’s dedication.

Also, while we’re in our pajamas and braiding each other’s hair at my bloggy slumber party, are there any subjects that you’d particularly like to hear about?  I’ve had a request for a post discussing what makes me stop reading a submission partway through for Shock Totem Magazine, and I’ve also had a request for a post on red lipstick.  (Ooh, I’ll be delighted to discuss that one!)  Anything else that you wanna know?  Agent phone calls? Conference tips for first timers? Why you should never perm your own hair?

Pieces out: 5

Goal: 15

9 Comments on “A Little Bloggy Housecleaning”

  1. Lol! Thanks for the laughs this morning. 🙂 Have no idea what I’d like to hear about currently…. Perhaps whether or not conferences are truly worth the expense? How to deliver a good pitch at one? I definitely know why not to perm your own hair. Ever. Photos were not taken of the horrifying event, however. Thank goodness.

  2. I DO NOT HAVE PEOPLE’S NAMES TATTOOED ON MY ASS! Wait. You never said anything about my ass. Uh…forget I said anything. *cough*

  3. Thanks, Kate! 😀

    Ooh, Kimberly, no bad perm pics at all? I had a terrible perm in highschool. And I wore a ying yang necklace, too. Thanks for the suggestions! I learned how to pitch from Angela James, and I have a piece about it. I’ll stick it up. She was extremely helpful!

    Bad Simon. No, I didn’t. But methinks thou dost protest too much.

  4. Aw…ultra shorts. On to fiction, then.

    My only request is for Mercedes to stay Mercedes, but God knows I could use some conference tips. That and the cash to go to a Con…

  5. That made me laugh! I’ll always be me. I never placed in a single scholarship pageant that I competed in, partly because I was sprawled on the floor playing board games with the backstage crew and it messed up my evening gown. 😛

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