A Stranger Sniffed My Hair In A Bar, or, Suffering For Your Art

Hey!  Last night I met my writer’s group in a bar like real, live adults.  I don’t drink so I usually skip the bar scene, but we were there for a marathon critique and brainstorming session.  Not to mention the delicious, delicious bar food.

Well, me boyos were late.  45 minutes late, to be exact.  When a stranger walked by, sniffed my hair and told me it smelled pretty, I grabbed my purse and bailed.  But all’s well that ends well, and here are 3/4 of my group at 1:00 AM in Las Vegas, standing in front of a big wooden bear.

These lads, and billie the girl who couldn’t go out with us last night, are heartbreakingly brilliant.  They push me to be a better writer and I love them into tiny bits.  We’re going to do a round robin interview later and I’m really looking forward to what they have to say.  You’ll love them.

Do you have a writer’s group?  How does it work for you?

24 Comments on “A Stranger Sniffed My Hair In A Bar, or, Suffering For Your Art”

  1. Writing groups ’round these parts tend to want folks who are “nice” and only contribute stories conforming to their own way of viewing life. Not the best stomping grounds for someone like me. 😀

    BTW – did I mention how nice your hair smells & you look so pretty in that photo? *WEG*

  2. Oh my god, creepy as hell.

    I–sort of have an online group, but it goes through periods of activity and inactivity. Mostly I have a very tight group of beta readers and ass-kickers to set me straight–and hopefully I help them in the same way.

    I don’t know how people can do it without others. Everything I write is genuine grade A crap before someone else goes through it.

  3. For the record, in this photo I’m sniffing your hair to verify the declaration of the drunk guy. He was inebriated but veracious.

    And Battle Bunny is just looking sultry… as usual.

    Our writing group rules. all others are #2 or lower.

  4. Jamal, a good group is so important! But no group is better than a bad group. I’ve been in some doozies.

    Amber: Actually, I slunk back to the bar later and met them there. I cased the joint for the hairsniffer first. I shall never forget my cellphone again.

    Cate: I am a freak magnet. It’s true. But thanks! I think I’m looking a little crazy-eyed, but it was a fun, long night. 😛

    Catie: Your creepiness is utterly charming. And frightening! 😉 Yeah, I’d die in a group like that. In fact, I was in one once, and it s-u-c-k-e-d. People were in there more for an ego stroke than any sort of constructive criticism. But I also don’t want to be in a group where people are vindictive just because they can be.

    kvtaylor: I hear you! Sometimes after my group reads my piece, they go silence and twist their lips while they think about how to judiciously put things. 😉

    Masonian: I deliberately chose not to use the one where Battle Bunny looked like he was climbing the bear. It was a bit blushable.

  5. First off, su boyos look like rando’s who just jumped in a Mercedes shot (hi fellas).

    B of all, you’re delightful. I’d sniff your hair if I had the chance.

    Treso (making up spanish!) I do have a critique group, but we don’t meet that often. They are a whack, motley crew and bring a WIDE range of opinions to the table.

  6. This makes me think there should be a hair-sniffing episode somewhere down the line in S&ST. Except, instead of grabbing your purse and bailing, you could, y’know, administer the proper consequences of such a foolish maneuver.

    This is why fiction is better than real life sometimes. >:)

    Also, your hair really did smell nice.

    And if you don’t have a lexicographer in your writing group, it can’t be ALL that cool, now can it, Mason? I’d say you’re #2, punky. 🙂

  7. I would of bailed on them too for being late leaving me with strange hair sniffers. They would be in big trouble for that. I hope you made them pay for it.

  8. Harley: You’re right! They’re photo bombs! 😛 Just kidding. They’re my heroes.

    Simon, you know not what you say. My writer’s group has CDs out and they carry guns and two of us could take you out single handed. I wouldn’t say anything to invite down the inevitable group showdown if I were you.

    Ha, Regina! They actually tried to call me and let me know that they’d be late, but I never have my phone on me. But they did ply me with Diet Coke and chicken strips, yes. It was worth it. 🙂

    Jen: I KNOW, RIGHT? Do you sniff random people? No! I keep it to those in my inner circle! Er, I mean…

  9. It does smell good. Fortunately, I’m not a creepy guy/potential stalker. Oh wait… Isn’t that what friends are for?

    Writer’s group… Nope, not working for me. I have the worst luck in that department. Fortunately, I have great friends who don’t mind being my back-up plan. My poor friends…

  10. I don’t have a writer’s group. I’m an inconsistent loner type, and bars are usually the death of me as far as any type of creativity or self control is concerned.

    Maybe one day.

  11. Dontcha just love being inhaled, analysed and appraised? Such a turn on.
    Writer groups…My first was at age 14, where a teacher’s husband proved to be a little too touchy-feely, and I’ve attended the saccharine group where one little old lady monopolised the time to read “just one more”. And many emotionally-wrought others…
    Any recommendations for online groups?

  12. My hair was violated in such a way as well, but unfortunately, not by a stranger. You do the math.

    I have great friends who help but don’t have much luck with writers group. Kind of gave up a long time ago.

  13. Hehe wow that’s creepy!! 🙂
    I used to had one- for two and a half years but for this past year I didn’t. So I can’t wait to start my MA and join a group of writers again- I love writer’s groups, giving & taking feedback and interacting with fellow authors…

  14. That is creepy. On the other hand, he didn’t say your hair smelled terrible.

    I was in an excellent writer’s group when I lived near Pittsburgh. I really miss it, brutal as they were. If I knew any serious SF/F/H writers around here I’d start my own group.

  15. Creepy indeed.

    I’m in a crit group, one of 6, and we meet twice a month to read each other’s work. We’ve been together now for quite a few years and work really well with each other. We’re tough but fair. We also go on a writer’s retreat once a year for a weekend.

  16. I really really really want a writer’s group. Ok was that enough really’s in there to make it known how bad I want this? There aren’t any local groups here. I live in podunk Iowa in a town where I am the ONLY writer who isn’t a former nun who writes poetry. Literally and seriously.
    She’s a funny quirky former nun, who tried to get a writer’s group going once, but it didn’t work out.

    Anyways. I wish I had one. The nearest city is Des Moines, forty miles from me, and the only ‘local’ writer’s group there is also defunct, broken up years ago and now inactive, due to lack of interest.

    What’s a writer to do?

  17. OMG! I so would have bailed as well. I mean…. eeeeewwwwwwwwww! That’ll teach your fellow crit partners to be late. For shame.

    I do have a writer’s group. Alas, I never attend meetings because hubby runs/owns a business that is open on Saturdays thusly leaving me with having to find care for the toddler to attend. Met some wonderful people through it, though, who have worked with me via email and given me tremendous advice.

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