“Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” Features Barbara G. Tarn

Grand Rapids, MI, Halloween 1998. My first Halloween ever (and the last as well, because I’m Italian! ;-)). The dress I bought in Amsterdam – a little too gothic for my tastes, but that was the closest to a medieval dress I could find at the time. The hair is a 6$ witch wig – I had just cut my hair very short because a bad perm had ruined it. The mask was borrowed from my friend Renee, my host.

Thus the Mighty Sorceress Known as The Lady Of The Unicorn was born. You guessed it by now, I’m a fantasy writer. I wore that dress at a couple of comic-cons (without the wig) and did a graphic novel of “Lady Unicorn”, but it’s not available in English. Yet. Needs redrawing and rewriting to fit into my world called Silvery Earth, for which I have both novels&graphic novels ready to go out… but I won’t look THAT gothic ever again, might give a wrong impression of my writing (not gothic at all!)! πŸ™‚
Barbara G.Tarn is a writer, artist and world-creator. She hopes to reveal the might of her world, Silvery Earth, as soon as technology allows her. In the meantime she writes, draws, ignores her day job and blogs at http://creativebarbwire.wordpress.com

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