“Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” Features Jameson T. Caine

Jameson T. Caine first dabbled in writing fiction in elementary school, when in the fourth grade he went beyond the 100 word limit in creative writing, crafting a tale of otherworldly goofiness that involved possessed books, ghostly voices and TV show theme music. The teacher, unaware of the consequences of her actions, encouraged him to keep at it. Ensuing years would see stories about Bigfoot, alien invasions and an epic undersea adventure starring his friends.
Long years passed, during which he traveled the nation and had all sorts of strange experiences, including being “attacked” by sharks, shot at by drug dealers, nearly driving off a cliff in a moment of drunken stupidity, accidentally camping on a nude beach, being assaulted by 500 pounds of cheese, taking shelter from a tornado under a bridge and getting lost in the wrong parts of many big cities. Once he got married and realized that life was rapidly going by, he finally got off his rear and rather than talk about being a writer, actually sat down and did it. These days he writes horror fiction with a slant towards the monstrous and avoids reality as much as possible, living in the made up worlds of books, movies, TV shows and games.

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