Inspiration: Let’s Follow The Cops Back Home

I was driving and this song came on. And suddenly, I kid you not, I literally felt my eyes widen. The lyrics. The words. I had a very clear image of two broken, weary people standing on a dirt road. I am inspired. This feels too big to be a short story, but I’m smack dab in the middle of two other long projects. What shall I do, I wonder?

The song is amazing and the video hurts my heart. Doesn’t it make you realize how many strangers there are to love?

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  1. I’ve had that happen. Ideas that have no business forming plant themselves in my head. I see first lines, narrative, people, and visions. I scribble these ideas down and put them in a “Later” file. I pet it adoringly from time to time and if a scene won’t leave me alone, I write it.

    But I try to finish the project I’m working on, or I’d never finish it. That’s just me. Good luck! You’re pretty. Love the new blog format.

  2. Happens to me quite often…then, oddly…the stories inspired by the songs usually have very little to do with the song that imspired them…

    It is also of importance to note, that I, like Ken, first read this as “Follow the black cops home”….weird.

  3. Harley: Yes! How dare you inspire me, wonderful ideas! I have too many other things going on! I’m realizing that I’m the same way. I need to buckle down or I won’t finish. And you’re pretty. Let’s braid each other’s hair in October.

    Ken and Shiney: I don’t even know what to say. You’re truly the strangest of brothers.

    Barry: I haven’t heard that one! Nick Cave’s music really evokes the creative in me, too. So dark and intense.

  4. I know what you’re talking about Mercedes, that happened to me with Conor Oberst’s ‘first day of my life.’
    I was driving and for a moment, I forgot how to drive home… 🙂

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