Mercedes M. Yardley at Zombiepalooza Radio Live

My Space: Mercedes M. Yardley in Desert Companion

Women in Horror Month- An Interview with Mercedes M. Yardley by the HWA.

Reading: TIH: Luna e Volk by Mercedes M. Yardley on This is Horror

TIH 120: Mercedes M Yardley on Gamut, Rejections, and Fairy Tales by This is Horror

TIH 119: Mercedes M. Yardley on NaNoWriMo and  Beautiful Horror on This is Horror

Mercedes M. Yardley- Wicked Wordsmith by Vegas Seven

TIH 109: Writer’s Craft Talk: Best Writing Advice with 20 Writers by This Is Horror

Little Dead Red-The Write Stuff by Raymond Bolton

13 Questions with Mercedes M. Yardley by Joan De La Haye

An Interview with Mercedes M. Yardley by Word Horde

Women in Horror Month-An Interview with Mercedes Yardley by Simon Dewar

A Conversation with Mercedes M. Yardley by Shotgun Logic

Geeky Writers Gamut Edition

Zombiepalooza 2-26-16 Sick Miss Murder

Get to Know a Bram Stoker Award Nominee 

Zombiepalooza Radio Live Bram Stoker Awards

Bram Stoker Award Winner Mercedes M. Yardley in Madam Perry’s Salon

DD Episode 60: Mercedes M. Yardley by The Darkness Dwells Podcast

How to Dismantle Your Life: Women in Horror: Mercedes M. Yardley by Malina Roos

Grimm Mistresses: Mercedes M. Yardley  by Zombie Girl Shambling

Don’t Starve Together with Mercedes Yardley Part 1 by GoJoBot

Don’t Starve Together with Mercedes Yardley Part 2 by GoJoBot

Of Books and Butterflies by Bookworm Blues

Women in Horror Month Featuring Mercedes M. Yardley by A.E. Siraki

Mercedes M. Yardley (I come in at the one hour mark) by Zombiepalooza Radio

An Interview with Miss Murder by Fiction Terrifica

Author Interview – Mercedes M. Yardley by Horror After Dark

Blog Ring of Power Interview with Mercedes M. Yardley by Vicki Lemp Weavil

Grimdark Character Arcs with Ragnarok Publications by Adventures in SciFi Publishing

Nameless by Mercedes M. Yardley. Book Review and Word Association by Bloody Cake News

Is Mercedes Yardley a Secret Cannibal? by Brent Michael Kelley

Interview withe Mercedes M. Yardley, Author of Nameless by Hellnotes

Thievery: Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu by Kirsty Logan.

Women in Horror Fiction: Mercedes Murdock Yardley by Musings of the Monster Librarian

Women and Horror with Mercedes M. Yardley by The Think Tank Podcast

Writing through Adversity. Or Not. by The Qwillery.

Following The Nerd Podcast episode 88

Five Things I Learned While Writing Nameless: The Darkness Comes with Chuck Wendig

A Conversation with Breakthrough Author Mercedes M. Yardley by Liberty Conspiracy (radio interview)

Interview with Mercedes M. Yardley, Author of Nameless by BiblioSanctum

Interview with Mercedes M. Yardley by Fantastical Imaginations

An Interview with Mercedes M. Yardley by Fantasy Book Review

Cover Reveal and Interview: Nameless by Mercedes Yardey by at Adventures in SciFi Publishing

Dark Author Interview for October…Mercedes M. Yardley by Anna Del C.

Talking to Your Daughter About “Pretty” at GirlBodyPride.

Interview and Apocalyptic Montessa reading with RB Wood

Halloween Author Highlight: Mercedes Murdock Yardley by Shantal Hiatt

The Craft: Mercedes M. Yardley on Writing Horror by James Aquilone of the SF Signal

Mercedes Yardley: Up and Coming Interview with In Ear Entertainment  (video interview)

Interview with Mercedes M. Yardley by Lee Thompson

Someone Else’s Writing: Mercedes M. Yardley with Rebecca L.Brown

Interview Series with KHENRI

How To Write When You Don’t Have Time with Booklife Now

An Interview with Mercedes M. Yardley by Bentley McGrath

Character Invasion with Anne Riley

Mercedes M. Yardley by Wendy Knight

Writer Wednesday: Mercedes M. Yardley with Carrie Cuinn

Women in Horror: Are You A Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

A Conversation with Author Mercedes M. Yardley with TeleRead

HEIDI’S PICK SIX: Mercedes Yardley with Heidi Ruby Miller

Working with an Agent: Personality Counts

Inspiration Audio Snippet with Timothy C. Ward

Mercedes Murdock Yardley Gets Jack’d with Jack Wallen

BEAUTIFUL SORROWS Blog Tour with Mason Bundshuch

Author Interview: Mercedes M. Yardley on Darkeva’s Dark Delights

Wytovitch Drives Mercedes into Madhouse  with Stephanie Wytovich

Beautiful  Sorrows: Mercedes Yardley by C. Michelle Jefferies

5-Style High

Mercedes Yardley’s Beautiful Sorrows with Simon C. Larter

When We Fell In Love with Three Guys One Book

Anthologies and Ezines: Should Writers Submit? with Timothy C. Ward

Blowing Bubbles: An Audience with Mercedes M. Yardley by Steven Pirie

Ramblings of a Tattooed Head: Shock Totem by Simon Marshall Jones

Job Description: Jack of All Trades by Mercedes M. Yardley on Bria Quinlan’s site

We Won! And Interview with Mercedes by Mason Bundschuh

Admiration/Inspiration Thursdays with Mercedes M. Yardley
 by Sam van Zweden

Writer Love: Special Feature on Mercedes by Regan Leigh

An Interview with Mercedes M. Yardley (A QueryTracker Success Story) by

Date Night in Vegas: KillerCon (Mercedes)
with KLAV 1230 AM  (radio interview)

How to Keep Working through Difficult Times by Kirsty Logan

A Chat With Great Creative Writer Mercedes Yardley! with Gardner Goldsmith  (radio interview)

Okay, Merc, I got a couple questions… with J.W. Hankins

Audio Tim 31: K. Allen Wood and Mercedes M. Yardley of Shock Totem with Tim C. Ward (radio interview)

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