Yay, Winner! You Won Something!


It’s officially Wednesday!  Which has never had any special connotation before, but suddenly WEDNESDAY IS SPECIAL because it’s Giveaway Day!  Random.org worked its randomy magic, and the winner of my very random, Hooray-I-Have-An-Agent-And-Getting-Fun-Stuff-In-The-Mail-Is-Cool giveaway is the illustrious commenter number 41!  Now run on down there and count those things up.

Just kidding.  I’ll do it for you.  I skipped my own comments and the second comments of others, giving everybody exactly one chance to win.  Congratulations, Amie Boudreau!!! You get a cool book, the best cookie recipe ever, and something crafty made especially for you with these lily white hands!

Thanks so much for participating, everybody. You make all of this fun, there’s no doubt.

12 Comments on “Yay, Winner! You Won Something!”

  1. I saw your Twitter announcement the other day but I don’t think I ever got around to congratulating you for your agent! Congratulations and woot woot woot! I’ve heard excellent things about Jason Yarn (in fact, he had the good taste to reject me once).

    Congrats to Amie-the-winnah! too. 🙂

  2. I’m trying very hard to resent the winner, but it’s hard. Maybe I’ll get around to it later. For now, I’ll just say congratulations, Amie! 😉

  3. Thank you, Josh!

    It was fun, Rebecca! I should do this more often. Er, the giveaways, not getting a new agent. 😉

    Masonian!!! Exclamation points! Rawk!!!!

    Andrea: Yay!

    Amie: Quirky random things are a-coming your way!

    KC: Thanks! Jason hit the ground running, that’s for sure. 🙂

    Simon: Go ahead and try, but Amie is just unresentable. Gosh darnit, this blog is full of likable people!

  4. Didn’t Wednesday used to mean WIP? I thought that was pretty special myself. 😛 (See how I remind you of these things).

  5. I still do WIP Wednesday every now and then, but my progress is so excruciatingly slow at the moment that everybody would simply slump over. But yes, you are fantastic at reminding me of these things, Shad. I do enjoy having you and your brain around. 🙂

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