2010 NaNoWriMo Playlist

Last year I asked everybody what should be on our NaNoWriMo playlist. And boy, did I get answers! Like 143 of them. I’m going to repost that list for this year, and invite you to contribute your favorite writing songs, as well! Let me know what you think we’re missing out on, and I’ll add it to the list. It’s almost that time. Happy Halloween, and then happy writing!

1.Suicide Sports Club- ”0220 Boy”

2. Muse-”Starlight”

3. Emily Bindiger-”Aura” (.hack soundtrack)

4. Breaking Benjamin-”Evil Angel” “Diary of Jane” (acoustic version)

5. AFI- ”Silver and Cold”

6. Placebo-”Infra-red”

7. Rayzd-”Sora”

8. Celtic Music

9. Sigur Rose () album

10. Big Band Music

11. Zoe Keating’s “Natoma” album

12. Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, 2nd Movement

13. Hans Zimmer soundtracks (Pirates II)

14. Bach’s cello suites

15. Pantera “10s”

16. Kittie “Spit”

17. Misfits “Bullet” “She”

18. Amanda Palmer “Runs in the Family”

19. Less Than Jake “How’s My Driving Doug Hastings?”

20. Gogol Bordello “Start Wearing Purple”

21. Sweaty Nipples “Coma”

22. Sneaker Pimps “6 Underground”

23. Carbon Based Lifeforms

24. Aes Dana (not the death metal band)

25. Cell

26. HUVA Network

27. Solar Fields

28. Lustmord

29. Tim Hecker

30. Vibrasphere

31. Ludo “Love Me Dead” “Broken Bride”

32. Locksley

33. Faded Paper Figures

34. The Kooks

35. The Bravery

36. Imogen Heap

37. Metric

38. Meatloaf

39. George Thoroughgood

40. Nickleback

41. Evanescence

42. Portishead

43. Queens of the Stone Age-”Nobody Knows”

44. Bodyjar-”Hazy Shade of Winter”

45. Dresden Dolls-”Coin-Operated Boy”

56. Bob Dylan-”It Ain’t Me, Babe”

57. The Strokes-”Last Night”

58. Them-”It’s All Over Now Baby Blue”

59. Tex Perkins-”I Know You Know I Know”

60. The Meat Puppets-”Back Water”

61. Brian Eno “On Land” “Another Green World”

62. Robert Rich-”Stalker”

63. Neverending White Lights

64. Jeff Buckley

65. Nick Drake

66. Peter Bradley Adams-”Longer I Run”

67. Bon Iver-”Skinny Love”

68. Good Old War-”Weak Man”

69. Murder By Death-”Until Morale Improves, The Beatings Will Continue”

70. Pink-”Funhouse”

71. Ingrid Michaelson-”Be OK”

72. Rodrigo y Gabriela-”Diablo Rojo”

73. Lady Gaga-”Poker Face”

74. Ewan McGregor-”El Tango de Roxanne” (Moulin Rouge Soundtrack)

75. -Rachmaninoff-”Allegro Scherzando” piano and cello duet

76. Yo-Yo ma-”Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major”

77. Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon

78. Roxy Music-Avalon

79. Beatles-Love

80. Ludovico Einaudi- “Divenire” Primavera”

81. Pearl Jam-”Jeremy” “Black”

82. Ryan Adams- “Two” “I Taught Myself to Grow Old”

83. Rob Thomas-”Cradlesong” “Fire on the Mountain” “I Am an Illusion” “All that I Am”

84. Tyrone Wells-”Sea Breeze” “In Between the Lines” “More”

85. Hurt

86. Garfield Mayor-”Softly Softly”

87. Darren Hayes-”Words” “Walk Away”

88. Brendan James-”Early Morning April” “Green”

89. Black Stone Cherry-”Things My Father Said” “Blind Man”

90. Leona Lewis-”Take a Bow”

91. Bon Jovi-”One Wild Night”

92. Fleetwood Mac

93. Asp

94. Project Pitchfork

95. Bella Morte

96. Faith and the Muse

97. IAMX

98. The 69 Eyes

99. Deathstars

100. Eisbrecher

101. Oomph!

102. Das Ich

103. Kaizer’s Orchestra

104. The Exploding Boy

105. A Perfect Circle-”Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums”

106. Starflyer 59

107. Black Signature

108. Mew

109. Angelspit

110. Ego Likeness

111. Rammstein

112. Megaherz

113. Tumor

114. Porcelain and the Tramps

115. Marilyn Manson

116. Cruxshadows

117. Steinkind

118. Wumpscut

119. Cattletruck

120. Front 242

121. Miss Kittin and the Hacker

122. Oaeeene-89

123. Ministry

124. Drowning Pool

125. Kaizer’s Orchestra

126. Corrosion of Conformity

127. Collide

128. Collide

129. Blutengel

130. Arritmic

131. Dead Can Dance

132. Autumn Tears

133. Nightwish

134. Sufjan Stevens “Concerning the UFO sighting near Highland, Illinois” “John Wayne Gacy Jr.”

135. The Horrors-”She is the New Thing”

136. Emily Bindiger-”Fake Wings”

137. Elbow-”The Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver”

138.Saudade-”I Have Come to Claim My Throne”

139. Beirut

140. Gogol Bordello

141. Man Man

142. Balkan Beat Box

143. Andrew Bird

144. Sarah Blasko

145. Clint Mansell’s score to “The Fountain”

6 Comments on “2010 NaNoWriMo Playlist”

  1. Wow, what a list!

    I’ve never been able to do a playlist, because whenever I hear the singing I can’t concentrate – instead I sing along.

    I am a playlist loser.


  2. The inclusion of Carbon Based Lifeforms makes this an excellent playlist anyway…

    One I did not see on here that I have recently become very addicted to is Clint Mansell’s stunning score to the film The Fountain. So amazing.

  3. A lot of great music here. Some I listen to and some that is new to me. So I will check it out. Thanks for the playlist and sharing.

  4. Thanks Danielle and Barry! I’ll add your suggestions.

    Jen, I’m exactly the same way. I usually write in silence for just that reason, but I like to have a soundtrack for NaNo. My trick is that I find music that I’m unfamiliar with, so I can’t sing along, but I can appreciate the tone and atmosphere. Then I gradually learn the music, and after NaNo I can focus on the lyrics. My old favorites are nixed while I’m writing because otherwise I’m singing the song, not writing. 😉

    Thanks for stopping by, Regina! If you have any songs to add, please feel free.

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