30 Days of Writing: Favorite Project

Question #1 is: Tell us about your favorite writing project/universe that you’ve worked with and why.

Tough question!  It’s difficult because my favorite writing projects change according to what I’m working on.  My first novel was my favorite for a looooong time.  It was the most fun that I had ever had.  I didn’t carefully think through plot, characterization, and word choice.  I just wrote, and it was THE most freeing thing that I had ever done in my life!  Then I wrote a story called “The Boy Who  Hangs the Stars” and that became my favorite.  Right now my favorite project is the novel that is currently out with publishers.  Like my first novel, this one was effortless.  I gave myself permission to write imperfectly and suck big time, if it came to that.  With the stress off of my shoulders, I wrote something different and with a dark beauty.  It took very little editing, and it’s my favorite project. I only hope that someday I write something else that I like as much.

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  1. My favorite project has to be my first novel, SECRETS. Writing it started as a way to get the story out of my head, but as the words spilled out onto paper I loved how freeing it felt. I wanted to write something different. Something apart from what I’d read. I have yet to figure out what genre it falls into, but I’m proud of the story itself. Some people may find parts unbelievable. Some may find certain circumstances too extraordinary. I’ve listened to many people say they were tired of the constant “I love you, I hate you” in romance novels so I wrote mine in a different light. So with that in mind, I thought a story about unconditional friendship and love at first sight was long overdue. Even if it never gets published I’m proud to say I wrote it.

  2. My current favorite is the screenplay I just wrote “Things People Do”. It started as a short story then wrote itself into a something bigger.

    The characters made it easy to write. Can’t recall ever getting stuck will writing it. Everything just seemed to fit into place and make sense.

  3. I can totally relate to that sentiment.

    I work on projects until they’re not my favorites any more. And then try something new.

    I haven’t had anything new in a while, so now I’m revising old favs. Its writing, right?

    I had to catch up on S&ST’s. I liked chapters 11 and 12; the two of you pursuing separate agendas, yet coming back to the central plot.

    An excellent way to spend an evening; catching up on posts.

    That was a good question, and I enjoyed your answer. Thanks for sharing.


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