When We Fell In Love

The very gracious Dennis Haritou from Three Guys One Book reviewed my Hint Fiction story on their site.  (Hee hee, he said “voyeur”!) He invited me to contribute an essay to their wonderful When We Fell In Love series, and I have to tell you that I was deeply honored and also a little bit horrified.  If you want luscious, thought-provoking reading, then you need to read the WWFIL series.  Hearing authors describe when they fell in love with the craft is an absolutely exquisite experience, and I felt quite daunted.  But I’m proud of the essay, and I’m delighted that they chose to run it.  Won’t you please stop by and read it when you have the time?

7 Comments on “When We Fell In Love”

  1. Harley, you’re so dear. Thank you.

    Simon: Starry-eyed, laser-eyed…starry-eyed lasers… 😉 Thanks for reading, S.

    Thank you, Kate! 😀

  2. I’m still starry-eyed too, in spite of a similarly crushing experience. I had no formal training to teach me the rules (so I could break them)–so it took agonizing years to learn them… and they’re still not over. But it’s definitely a different feeling than I had for it when I was a kid.

    You brought it to life perfectly!

  3. Wonderful, Merc. I felt the same way my first creative writing class. I, however, am not smart and have chosen creative writing as my MAJOR and Computer Programming as my MINOR. I’ve always been ass backwards. Just ask my mother. 😛 Great, great stuff.

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