Hey, I’m on the NaNoWriMo Blog!

And we’re dancing.  What do you think about them apples? 

I’m on the far right, black dress, black hair and red belt.  My friend Laura J. Hickman is front and center with the red sleeves.  You can read the article here.  Look ma, we’re famous!

7 Comments on “Hey, I’m on the NaNoWriMo Blog!”

  1. Mercedes, you are famous…cool beans and I think they are cherry red apples to match the lost Ruby Woo lipstick.

    What fun to have your picture on the NaNo blog! WTG girlfriend!


  2. I could almost weep that you didn’t take advantage of the open bar! Well, other than the Shirley Temples, that is.

    Am currently trying to get over my jealousy. Not succeeding particularly well, but I have high hopes for later on this evening. 😉

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