“Stalk Me,” She Says. Well, Okay!

She’s 32 years old, 5’6″, and has what she calls a “mexi-fro”. She’s also gorgeous as all get out and swears like a sailor. Her daughter is dating an older man. (He’s five.) She wrote reviews for baby gooroo and is frustrated at not being able to lose the baby weight. Her husband has Celiac Disease and they also keep her daughter on a gluten free diet. She was a journalist and is a member of the Owning Pink Posse. I don’t know what that is, but give me another 10 seconds and I will.  😉

I’m describing my friend and fellow writer Pauline Campos.  We had an interesting conversation the other day about email and Google stalking ourselves.  She email stalks with a vengeance, which is hitting refresh over and over until something magical happens.  And if you check out her career trajectory, I think that it’s likely to happen!  I, on the other hand, reluctantly Googled myself the other day.  It’s a good idea to do it, so I hear, because then you can see where you work is popping up and what other people are saying about you. Still, is it scary?  It’s scary.  The Internet is the Wild West.

But thank goodness for it.  Without the Internet and Twitter, I wouldn’t know how strong Pauline is.  She writes, without flinching, about the death of her father.  She’s constantly trying to improve.  She is actively searching for an agent, (she’s picky about who), she sends pink ponies to her beta readers, and as of 20 minutes ago, she announced that she has to pee.

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