Welcome To The Apocalypse. Enjoy Your Stay Here.

It is snowing in Las Vegas.  Real, stick-t0-the-ground, the-kids-are-baffled snow.  It’s beautiful and we spent the morning playing in it before Real Life called.  Now I know that this isn’t the Snowpocalypse that most of us are used to (I practically learned how to shovel the driveways before I could walk) but it’s pretty unusual here.  I take this as another sign that 2011 will be something magical.

6 Comments on “Welcome To The Apocalypse. Enjoy Your Stay Here.”

  1. Cate: No! It’s wonderful and magical and cold! So very cold! 😉

    Nisa: Your comment made me briefly long for multi-colored socks, ponytails on the side, and Poison CDs. Then I realized that you meant 80 degrees, which isn’t early as awesome. 😉

    Alison: It was so fun! And such a pleasant surprise!

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