Be Fearless, My Zombie Apocalypse Team!

I’m a fan of Facebook. My page is a mishmash of writers, the kids I grew up with, extended family, and people who have since become my family.

It is also the home of my Zombie Apocalypse team.

I stole this status from Kara McElhinny, and it made me laugh hysterically.  It reads:

“Go to your profile. The first 5 friends in the sidebar are on your team in the Zombie Apocalypse. How screwed are you?”

I was lucky that my team included Cutting Block Press, Hollan Johnson, two of my fiercest girlfriends, and Don Pizarro.  Those zombies will be cleared out in less than two days, I promise you.

My other friends, and especially my mother, aren’t so fortunate.  I have some of the kindest, gentlest extended family that you have ever seen.  Not only will they set a place for the zombies at the table, but they’ll crawl up and drape themselves generously on the dinner plate so the sweet zombies won’t have to strain anything in order to feed.  I’ll miss my family. 

For those who want to check in with me on Facebook without being subject to pictures of my super adorable children, I do have a professional page located here.  Let’s hang out!

3 Comments on “Be Fearless, My Zombie Apocalypse Team!”

  1. For some reason, Harley May was the first one in my friends sidebar. I didn’t read any farther, cuz I’m pretty sure she’d take care of the zombies single-handedly while I got bleezed and yelled encouragement.

    I’m looking forward to this apocalypse now, actually….

  2. Nisa, the daggers are stuck into various zombie parts. Careful pulling them out; I think they’ll make a mess.

    Simon, why am I certain that we’ll all have a lovely, lovely zombie apocalypse?

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