Finally, Good Baby News! Let’s Party!

Every time I go to the doctor, the news has been bad.  One of the triplets died.  One will most certainly die.  When the second one passes, it could very well take the third with it.

Well, enough of that! Today we received wonderful news.  Although sicky baby will almost certainly pass away soon after birth, for the first time we’re looking with optimism toward meeting her.  The doctor was surprised at how well she was doing.  “Delighted” was the word that he used,  and I’m delighted as well.  She’s doing so well that there isn’t a reason not to expect her to survive until birth.  The other baby is doing extremely well, also.  Hooray! Now I can definitely spend the day writing with a lighter heart.

18 Comments on “Finally, Good Baby News! Let’s Party!”

  1. Awesome, awesome news! I don’t know why, but I didn’t realize your were pregnant with triplets. Very happy you got such great news today. 😀

  2. That is wonderful, Sadie. Jess and I are EXTREMELY happy for you. You and Luke are such wonderful people, you deserve a break from the stress and bad news.

    With love…

  3. Congrats on the hopeful news!! It is hard enough being pregnant with no control over what’s going on right under your own ribs, the stresses you’ve been carrying are heavy.

    Prayers for your little ones!!

  4. Thanks, Autumn! And good luck with your deadline, crazy lady!

    Thank you, Elizabeth! It was a wonderful thing to hear. I sang in the car the entire way home. 😀

    Yay, Elise! Thanks!

    Oh, Diana, me too!

    Ha, because it doesn’t go with my persona, Tony. 😉

    KM, and your comments and success make MY heart smile! You really, really inspire me.

    Haha! Thank you, Tandy!

    You and your two Jesses are extremely sweet, Robby D. Thank you. 🙂

    I wish you were here, Rachel. Truly.

    Thank you so much, Lisa! Gorgeous avatar pic, as well!

  5. The super optimist in me still holds out hope that maybe sickly baby wont stay sickly ..? But even if thats too much, how wonderful it would be if you could get some photographs of both babies after birth. So happy to hear other baby doing well and getting stronger every day!

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