6 Comments on “My New Love Wears Silver Studs”

  1. I went to read Simon’s comment which I KNEW would precede mine. I agree with him that they would hurt like hellfire if you kicked someone in the eye with them and I’d HATE for Simon to have to shoot you again. Haven’t you two been through enough?????

    Love the shoes to bad I am too old and too fat to get away with shoes like that. MEOW!

    Ciao Bella,


  2. Simon, I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I haven’t fully forgiven you for the first time.

    Harley, aren’t they awesome?! I was also looking at some sweet hot pink satin shoes with an adorable ribbon, but I think I like the studs better.

    Ardee-ann, S and I have a wonderful relationship. Neither of us have let each other die…thus far. 😉

  3. Might come in handy during the aforementioned apocalypse. You’d have to store them behind glass as they might prove hazardous for those under 4ft living with you. 😛 (Luke too, but don’t tell him I said that!)

    They would be a fab birthday gift to yourself though. Who could have a bad day knowing these were on their way!

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