“Be Mysterious: Writers In Masks” Features Steven Gordon

Steven Gordon writes stories that take place anywhere but here. He loves world building and unusual settings, and thinks dialog is just the best thing ever. He is currently writing and producing a serial radioplay, Across the Sands, which can be found at www.radioskits.wordpress.com . You can find him on twitter at twitter.com/Traikan .


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4 Comments on ““Be Mysterious: Writers In Masks” Features Steven Gordon”

  1. Love the mask! Checked out your blog, you sound like an interesting chap, am now following your on Twitter. Will check out “Across The Sands” later when I am more awake.



  2. That mask is all my nightmares made flesh. Well, plastic. And not so much all my nightmares, as just that one with the rabid, flesh-eating chickens slowly devouring me alive. That sucked.


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