Can’t Talk Now. Meeting A Deadline.

Which is so awesome! The last week has been a blur since Baby Cyborg Ninja came home.  Why is she a cyborg, you ask?  They wouldn’t bust her out of the hospital unless her monitors came with her.  I plug Sweet Thang into the wall and let her charge.  Run and tell that.

I’m finishing the edited draft of my demon novel and sending it to my group tonight.  They’ll go over it yet again (I pay them in cookies and absolute adoration) and then I’ll send the  final polished draft to my agent during next month’s holiday weekend. It feels so good to have my family all together, and writing going well, and the house hasn’t blown off of its foundation.  Yet.

So! I leave you with an absolutely awesome picture!

9 Comments on “Can’t Talk Now. Meeting A Deadline.”

  1. Mr. Johnny-come-lately here: Mercedes, your writers’ group sounds like it’s the awesomest ever!
    I bet they all glow with awesome.
    And when they laugh, stars sparkle brighter.


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