Hey Baby, Going My Way?

To World Fantasy Con, that is.  This will be my first time at WFC and I couldn’t be more excited! Wait, scratch that.  Suddenly I am much more excited because I found out that not only am I on a panel (ohmygosh! I’m on a panel at World Fantasy!) and not only is the panel about the dark nature of faeries (Discussing dark, beautiful things!), but I’m on the panel with some amazingly inspirational writers. I’ll be sitting up there with Holly Black, Jenny Blackford, Patrick Rothfuss, and Delia Sherman.  Can you believe it? Somebody pinch me!

My Illiterati Huckleberry and partner in crime Mason Bundschuh is sitting pretty  on his own panel. He, along with Christopher Farnsworth, Cody Goodfellow, Rain Graves, and S. T. Joshi, will discussing H.P. Lovecraft and the horrors of the sea.  I guarantee you that it will be amazing!

So, um, if you aren’t doing anything this weekend, you should totally stop
by and see us.  Unless you’re, you know, staying home to do your homework or wash your hair.

If you’re going to WFC, drop me a line! I’d love  to meet you!

4 Comments on “Hey Baby, Going My Way?”

  1. This just one more reason that I wanna be like you when I grow up. Congrats on being on a WFC panel! I was jealous when you were sitting next to Steven Barnes. Now, Delia Sherman?? 😀

    We’re GONNA meet at a con sometime soon, darnit! 🙂

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