My Hands Are Stained White With Sorrow

No, wait, that’s paint.  My hands are stained white with paint, because I’m trying to painting the kitchen.  Which is difficult with three little ones who need constant attention.  For Valentine’s Day, we’re having a nice dinner and then my hubby is watching the mugwumps while I, yes, paint some MORE of the kitchen.  Needless to say that life is horribly exciting at the Yardley household.

Actually, it is! I have a contract to sign, and I also received a wonderful writing-related email that made me smile.  Fiendishly. I have this horrible tendency to smile fiendishly.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves!

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6 Comments on “My Hands Are Stained White With Sorrow”

  1. Enjoy the painting 🙂 nothing like a fresh coat to brighten things up. I’m so glad my husband is not handy, as it means I get to do the painting (and the plastering, sanding, carpet removal, wall paper stripped – and anything else that looks like fun).

  2. Mercedes, I loved reading this post. It gave me quite a smile. I hope that you are able to finish painting the kitchen in peace.



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