9 Comments on “This Is What I Did All Day Friday”

  1. I thought she was her older sister for a second — she can’t be thatbig already can she?! So beautiful! You look great, too! All your kids have wonderful hair.

  2. Hi Laura! I know, she’s huge, isn’t she? Nine months now. I can’t believe it myself. She looks EXACTLY like Nina.

    Thanks, Ardee-ann! It’s rare to have a quiet day at home. I used it to my full advantage. 😉

    Harley! I’m so proud of you and your stand-up! Congratulations for being so frickin’ awesome!

    Indigo, you’re so very sweet. Thank you so much! She’s such an affectionate, adorable girl. My four year old took the picture with the camera phone. I’m so glad she did.

    Thanks, Aimee! It’s a fantastic age. Everything is new and exciting. 😀

    Anthony, you spammer! 😛 Good to hear from you either way. After I clear a few projects off my plate, I’ll send you an email. :

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