An Interview! With Me! Hooray!

Remember the interview I mentioned a few days ago?  It’s live! Thanks to my new friend Timothy C. Ward for letting me stomp around his turf.  He also interviewed K. Allen Wood, as well.  Together, we make for a loooooooong podcast. You’ll want to listen to it in sections, or while cleaning, or while running a marathon. It’s worth it, though. Ken makes a Super Special Announcement that has me clapping my hands in glee. (And not the “Mercedes will slit your throat with a pie cutter” line.  Which was just AWESOME.)  More on the announcement later. You can hear the interview here.

Thanks, Tim! It was a lot of fun!

4 Comments on “An Interview! With Me! Hooray!”

  1. We use our middle initial so others can guess what it stands for. I’m guessing yours stands for Mercedes “Mistress of Mayhem” Yardley. It has been great meeting you and Ken. I’ve got a handful of other friends now just from meeting you guys. Regarding the special announcement, I can’t wait to get mine, and I wish Vegas was closer.

  2. Yahoo! I’m off to listen to it while butchering a whole pig, planting giant venus fly traps, and washing my “muder clothes.” Nice.

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