Movies That Make You Hurl

May the odds be ever in your…blech!

I’m not talking about movies with awful dialogue, horrible acting, or situations that are so unbelievable that the brain simply goes numb in self-defense.  (Because I LOVE this type of movie! I’m a huge MST3K fan.  Terrible movies are gold to me.)  I’m talking about movies with the horrible shaky cam that quite literally makes you queasy.

When I was in college, I asked my father to go to The Blair Witch Project with me.  Dad and I haven’t watched a movie together since ET came out in theatres, and that was so terrifying that I bailed halfway through.  So 15 years later, enter Blair Witch!  How fun! Daddy/Daughter bonding!  No, because (again) we bailed out halfway through.  Dad and I were so sick that we couldn’t make it through the movie.

Repeat this with Cloverfield.

Repeat this with The Last Exorcism.

Nearly repeat this with The Hunger Games until somebody makes an off-handed comment saying the filming made them sick.

WHAT?!  Now Da Man and I are going on a date this weekend.  (A date!  Woo hoo!)  We hardly ever go out.  In fact, we wouldn’t be going out this weekend except that my tiny daughter asked for our super fun babysitter in her evening prayers, and who are we to crush the hopes and dreams of our little girl?  But to zip out to a movie that will leave me retching in the aisle…well, that’s not for me.  We’ll be heading to Dark Shadows, thankyouverymuch.

The site Movie Hurl has given us a list of the top ten most vomit-inducing films, according to the ratings of their users.  They are:

1. The Blair Witch Project (no surprise there!)

2. The Hunger Games.

3. District 9

4. Hurt Locker

5. The Bourne Ultimatum

6. Cloverfield

7. Rachel Getting Married

8. Melancholia

9. Paranormal Activity

10. Chronicle

Nice to know that I can stay home and catch these babies on video, where my teeny tiny screen will shield me from the terrible SHAKY CAM OF DOOM.  Does anybody else have this problem?  Any other movies that made your just-eaten popcorn hit the street?

4 Comments on “Movies That Make You Hurl”

  1. I have the same problem. I don’t get sick in cars, planes or boats, but movies like Blair Witch can send me to migraine-land, which is adjacent to vomit-island. I try to avoid such films because of it.

    On a side note, Cloverfield made me sick for other reasons, and not even ex-MST3K alumni Mike Nelson, Bill Corbet and Kevin Murphy could funny it up with their Rifftrax riffs.

    1. So glad to find people who have the same reaction. My Mom has trouble with the hand held camera movies. She feels motion sickness and every time it’s that style of filming we walk out and complain and get our movie back or swap it out with a different film. I don’t feel sick by it but it makes me feel very distressed and panicky especially if it’s an intense film. The recent film I both of us had to walk out on and even another friend of mine couldn’t stand it was Suffragete. Most of the time Costume or period dramas tend to be filmed nicely but even that genre is going down the toilet too so dissapoitning

  2. You can add Avatar to the list. I had to leave the theater as did several others. Hurling in a theater bathroom is quite unpleasant. Anything James Cameron does is generally vomit inducing from a critical perspective, but the 3D just made that come to life in ways I never wanted to experience. XO

  3. That’s funny. I just watched Chronicle a couple of weeks ago at home. I loved it. Great story, terrific effects. The shaky cam didn’t seem too bad to me in that one. I almost had to leave Cloverfield in the first 10 minutes because the motion was so bad, but it got better after that.

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