Miss Murder Looks Askance At Fresh Produce

So I joined a produce co-op.  Each week I pay my “contribution” toward a beautiful basket of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, and then every Saturday morning I tip-tap over in my stilettos and and pick the basket up.

Just kidding. Since I get there at about 6:00 am, I’m barely mobile. Ain’t no way I’m dressing up that early in the morning.  I do get out of my pajamas, though, for which the world is eternally grateful.  (Read this post.)

Anyway! This is what a typical basket looks like!

Well, this is my typical basket. Isn’t it darling? I never had anywhere to use it before, but now it’s perfect for carrying my fresh produce home!

Empty it, and it looks like this!

And there are delightful surprises inside, like canary melon and red corn! Which looks like your sweet, ordinary corn, except soaked in a bloodbath.

I’m surprised to find that I enjoy cooking if I’m cooking with cool, colorful foods. I’m a baker/dessert girl, but a normal meal?  Meh. This has been a great experience.  Think of me every evening, wielding a knife with the most fiendish of glee.  At last, my arm is complete again. 😉

So I’m curious about you! Bakers? Chefs? Toasting Poptarts with the best of them? Tell me about your experiences in the kitchen!

6 Comments on “Miss Murder Looks Askance At Fresh Produce”

  1. I admit I’m not a very good cook. I don’t have any gut instincts as regards to ingredients, and I have to follow a recipe word for word if I want to produce something edible… and even then that doesn’t work!

    Though I can make tasty sweet and sour chicken. =D

  2. I think the best meals are those that require lots of chopping! Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best. I am working on getting my family to eat more of a variety, but I’m always a little scared of the co-op basket. Do you find you have enough of everything? Are there things that are hard to use? I hate having to throw produce away. I want to try a canary melon though. Does it taste like a cantelope?

  3. I’m a breakfast guy. My wife prepares burritos, and then on the weekends, and sometimes for dinner, I make what has become my “famous” burritos, omelets and sometimes hashbrowns. I include pepper jack cheese, green peppers, tomatoes, and a healthy covering of Red Hot’s Hot Buffalo sauce. I can also make a mean turkey, bacon and egg sandwich. No hot sauce on that though, that would be honey mustard time.

  4. From ‘a giant slumber party of deliciousness’ (yes, ‘Winter Wonders’ is a wonderful cover) to a basket full of oh-so-colorful summer goodies . . . So glad to tune in to what you’re up to. I could live on fresh summer fruits and veggies. And when winter rolls around, is there anything better than curling up with a good read? 😉 Hearty congrats to you.

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