Short Stories: Submit or Self Publish?

Friend, writer, and podcasting guy Tim Ward emailed me the other day to ask my thoughts on submitting to Anthologies and Ezines vs. self publishing.  I shot him an email back, and he put together a great little page on it with three different points of view.  Come see what Hugh C. Howey, Kevin J. Anderson, and I have to say!

As an aside, it’s raining in Las Vegas today, and I couldn’t be happier.  Clouds make my soul complete.  Have a wonderful afternoon, everybody!

One Comment on “Short Stories: Submit or Self Publish?”

  1. Aren’t you a sweetheart? Thanks, Mercedes!

    And really? Clouds make your soul complete? 😉 Growing up in Ohio, I grew sick of the endless dreary clouds from Sept to April. i studied a semester in Australia in their winter (July to December) where it rained like twice, the rest were gorgeous days watching the clouds and nights watching the stars. Then I came home to Ohio and didn’t see the sun for like five months, lol. So, I guess I’m prejudice.

    Have a great evening on your side of the country 🙂

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