The First Day of School

It’s all crazy.  Lunches were made.

Pictures were taken.

Darling, your backpack goes on your back.



And then the craziness ensued.  There was a bus, yes, but it was taking my son to the wrong school.  We just managed to get him to school, then turn around and retrace our steps to get our daughter to her school.  Now the baby (hello, baby) thinks that she’s the only child. She’s sitting on my lap at this very moment, eating a spare copy of a writing contract.

I’m surprised at the depth of my emotion. I’m torn between “My babies!” and “Huzzah, so much more time!” My goal is to put in four hours of writing/writing related activities every day while the kidlets are learning naughty words in school.  This will help me achieve my deadlines, and will just plain rock. It’s the beginning of a new era for me, and I’m so digging it.

Have a good one, my friends.  Know that you are loved.

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