Day 2 of the Tour: Mercedes Gets Jack’d

Somehow I knew that title would get your attention.

My friends, meet Jack Wallen. This pretty, delightful man writes stories that will scare your socks off. Besides that, he does the most intriguing series of author’s interviews, and was gracious enough to host me for the 2nd stop on the Beautiful Sorrows blog tour!  I promise that you’ve never read anything quite like his Get Jack’d interview series. He’s a doll.  A wonderful, crazy, I-wouldn’t-want-to-run-into-him-in-a-dark-alley doll.

Please stop by and read about broken people, huge velvet fedoras, and old-school writers in a digital world, all with Jack’s smooth style.  Have fun!

5 Comments on “Day 2 of the Tour: Mercedes Gets Jack’d”

  1. I’m sorry, I couldn’t find a “Contact Me” button, so I’m doing a comment. I was trying to show someone examples of good writing, especially in duo (verbiage? – it’s late on a Friday). It seems that you’ve taken down “Stilettos and Shirley Temples.” This makes me a very sad panda. Is there any way you can share those wonderful writing experiences??? Pretty please with sugar on top??? – Ash

  2. I’m loving your blog tour thus far.

    And Ashley, I chortled, yes chortled at “… makes me a very sad panda.”

    Oh if you only knew how many times I’ve used that phrase around people not in the know and tried but failed to fill them in… (It just doesn’t come across when you tell it)

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