Big Girl Bed Antics. (Musical Beds)


Lilia’s first night in her Big Girl Bed. Which went like this:

Nina slept in the bottom bunk with Lil so she wouldn’t be alone. After Lil fell asleep, Nina climbed to the top bunk. Then Nina had a nightmare and came racing out into my bed. I send take her back and tuck her in.  Cover Lil, who is asleep on the middle of the floor.

Lil wakes up, realizes she isn’t in her crib, and strolls jauntily around the house, ending up in my bed. Niko wakes up and climbs into bed with us. My bed contains Luke, me, Niko, and Lilia. It’s squishy. Lil falls out and cries. I take her to her bed, tuck her in, and then stay with her because she’s scared.

Nina wakes up, goes to my bed, realizes it has Daddy and Niko, and then comes to Lil’s bed. This tiny twin bed contains Lil, Nina, and me. It’s even squishier.

I slip out and go back to my bed. Realize it’s full of Niko and Luke. I go to Niko’s bed. I wake up with Lil snuggled by my side, and Nina covering both of us with a blanket.

The sun rises and I curse the day vehemently. Not to mention that one child has a cold and the other has been throwing up and there was a night time accident that required sheets tossed in the washer. I’m a zombie. Meanwhile, Luke slept peacefully and thinks he might remember Lil falling off the bed at one point, but he isn’t sure.

 End scene.


In other news, I’m teaching at the Writing for the Digital Age Conference here in Vegas this weekend. I’ll be on the Small Press panel as well as teaching a class on finding time to write. Swing by if you’re in town! And if you’re not…maybe be grateful that you don’t have to listen to me spouting off on what I love. 🙂





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