Perilous Roses Author Q&A.


I’m doing laundry and the house smells so good. It’s probably the only calm thing about the place. There are fights about Pinkie Pie and Princess Celestia (My Little Ponies) and my son has Gangnam Style on repeat. Loudly. My dear boy, didn’t you know that’s so 2013?

Heeeeeeey, sexy lady!.

I’ll be doing the live Youtube interview in a few hours. (More info on that here.) Join us, if you can! Just hang out with a bunch of geeky authors doing geeky author things. Ask questions, if you have any. My husband and girls will be out hiking, so it will be just Sweet Niko and I here during the interview. He may make an appearance or 3,000. We never know!


Beautiful Sorrows just received it’s 50th Amazon review. It has a 4.6 out of 5 star average, and this makes me so happy.

My littlest makes the sad trombone “Wah wah wah” sound whenever we screw up. It’s awesome. And apparently I screw up a lot. 😛

Bloody Cake News is debuting their Perilous Roses Author Q&A, and I’m happy to be the first of the Roses! A quick six questions. You can read them here. Also, I love the phrase “Perilous Roses” so much that I asked if I could use it for a story title sometime. I think it’s evocative.

That’s it for today! Lots of chaos here at The Satellite of Love. How are things going for you, my friends?

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