Teach Your Children by Scaring Them: A Podcast


Ahhhhh! My daughter drew a scary clown in high heels!


Hi friends! I mentioned earlier that I was lucky enough to record a podcast with The Think Tank Podcast group. I had a soft, cushy chair while everybody else was sprawled across the hotel room like sleepy cats. (It *was* 7:00 AM Vegas time on a Saturday morning. Let’s be honest.) 

We discuss Women in Horror month, breaking stereotypes, Michaelbrent Colling’s book Apparition, and why I think it’s a fabulous idea to scare your children. Why not take half an hour and listen to our podcast?

4 Comments on “Teach Your Children by Scaring Them: A Podcast”

  1. Digging this podcast. Gotta check out Apparition.Digging the discussion about the darkness in kid’s fare of our generation.I thinks flicks like “Black Cauldron” and other’s you talked about had a good balance. There is darkness in the world, and I think kids need to come to grips with that, but you don;t want super graphic, borderline pornographically violent images stuck in your kid’s minds either.

  2. I discovered you through the Author’s Think Tank podcast and I’m already a fan (before even reading anything you’ve written) based solely on your attitude toward horror. I adore “creepy-pretty” and I love seeing fellow women in horror. 🙂

  3. Donald, exactly. I don’t want to absolutely terrify my kiddos, but I don’t think the absolute sanitizing helps them, either. That’s why I suggest books. It can be as scary, and only as scary, as the kid’s mind let them. 🙂

    Lee! Hi! That drawing is horrifying! Oh my gosh, haha! 😀

    Suzy. thank you! I love creepy-pretty. I think we’ll be wonderful friends!

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