I Can Never Unsee What Has Been Seen: Witch Balls

That’s what they’re called, people! Really and for real. Witch Balls.

They hail from waaaaay back, when people would hang them in their windows and in front of doors to catch evil spirits. The wicked spirits would be so entranced with the shiny glass ball that they’d become trapped inside.  I have come to two conclusions from this:

1. Evil spirits are dumb enough to be entrapped by the Shiny.

2. I must be an evil spirit.

They’re so beautiful. I wants them, precious. I wants all of them. I want these. (Sold by Molten Spirit Glass Studio.)


You can buy them on Ebay. I’m watching this one.

ImageMore than anything, I want this entire collection. I found this on Pinterest, but it doesn’t lead back to anybody in particular. Which is too bad! I’d love to order from the vendor.


So here I am, looking up my happy little Witch Balls. I’m looking them up on Etsy. Looking them up on Pinterest. Looking them up on Ebay, to wit, to woo.

Then I forget myself and look them up on Google.

Never, never type “Witch Balls” into your search engine. There is no filter strong enough to shield you. This way lies madness.

6 Comments on “I Can Never Unsee What Has Been Seen: Witch Balls”

  1. I really like Witch Balls too. I think that they are so festive. I love all of the color and sparkle. They are just so much fun.

    You know that even after your warning I am going to have to go to Google and search Witch Balls. I am the truest example of “curiosity killed the cat.” I won’t be able to say that you didn’t warn me though. 😉

  2. Smart move, Mason! Smart!

    Aren’t they lovely, Ardee-ann? I might order a few for my birthday. They’re beautiful and full of light and color. The worst are the oooooold drawings from the witch hunts. Yikes!

  3. It’s like telling your toddler, “Don’t touch that! It’s hot.” Must…Google…witch….balls…

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