The Best Christmas Present Ever

Hmm, discussing Christmas in March. A bit belated, I know, but this is so amazing that I need to bring it up.

My aunt sent me the most peculiar and precious gift this Christmas! It was…let me see if I can remember this…my Great Grandmother’s sister’s makeup. From waaaaaay back when. Apparently she was rather promiscuous and had her run about town. Isn’t she beautiful? Her name is Lily.


My aunt sent me Lily’s tiny tins of rouge and lipstick. Guess what? They’re bright red. They’re absolutely charming, and fill me with joy. Truly the best Christmas present ever.


3 Comments on “The Best Christmas Present Ever”

  1. She’s lovely and so are the tins – do the contents still smell? You’re right that it’s a great Christmas present. A bit of your own family history – how much is that worth?!

  2. Jane, they both have a wonderful scent! Especially the rouge. Deeply perfumed, and it just smells…I don’t know. Like an older time. 🙂

    I love the lipstick too, Ardee-ann! A connection that I never knew about.

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