Easy Movie Magic: Drinking Ocean Water.


I’ll tell you the thing about summer: it’s hard.

I’m in the midst of one final polish to my novel Stormlight before sending it to a publisher who expressed interest. That means that I needed a little bit of quiet time. Solution? Let’s have a magic movie!


I took the kids’ cups and filled them with Sprite. (Water for the purist.) A few drops of blue food coloring and a couple of Swedish Fish tossed in, and I convinced the kids they were drinking Ocean Water. More Swedish Fish as a treat (Goldfish crackers for that same purist who doesn’t like sugar), a blanket on the floor, and suddenly watching The Little Mermaid took on a whole new meaning. This would also be great with Ponyo or Finding Nemo. Or even Jaws if you want to scar them forever. I also knocked out ten chapters. Win/win!


The secret for me is keeping it simple. I’ll be overwhelmed by something elaborate. But food coloring in Sprite? Yeah. I can do that! Hooray!

Do you have some tricks up your sleeve to make movies magical? Could you share?



3 Comments on “Easy Movie Magic: Drinking Ocean Water.”

  1. I meticulously unwrapped chocolate bars, tucked in “gold tickets,” and replaced the wrappers for their lunches after Willy Wonka. Big big hit! Use the minis if you want them to last through the movie. πŸ™‚

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