The Bucket List

I have all of these things that I want to do. Big thing. Little things. Things that, quite honestly, I’ll never get to unless I make an active effort to do them.

Hence my bucket list!  I’m going to keep my dreams here, adding new ones and crossing off the ones that I accomplish. I think it will be fantastic!


Cage dive with Great Whites

Have chickens

Perform 1,000 hours of service

Paint a picture

Give a stranger the book I’m reading

Go to Jamaica

Make a trifle

Sell a novel

Go to a horror movie by myself

Have my own office

Make dresses for my girls

Get my MFA

Bake through the entire RAGE BAKING cookbook

Swing on a trapeze

Be a movie extra

Take a sewing class

Win a writing award

Put out my first book

Dye my hair black

See the Northern Lights

Learn to Scuba Dive

Make soap

Make focaccia

Sleep on a beach

Attend Clarion West

Take a picture from the top of the Eiffel Tower

Make gnocchi

Blow glass

Shave my head

Stay at an ice hotel

Go to an Everclear concert

Ride my motorcycle down the Pacific Coast

Wear red lipstick

Attempt beekeeping

3 Comments on “The Bucket List”

  1. Wait a minute. I thought thoroughly humiliating me would be somewhere on that list. Disappointed!

    By the way. I’ve been a movie extra. Not in anything big budget and not in anything I’ll every admit to, but I did it.

    And I’ve never been a horror movie by myself. Go You!

  2. Mercedes, I totally love your bucket list. I am also happy for you to have crossed some of these things off. That is always exciting. I have actually done a few things on your bucket list. The most exciting one was that I have seen the Northern Lights. Sometimes under really unusual meteorological conditions they can be seen as far south as Arkansas. One night I was taking my son to deer camp and all of the sudden without warning or expectation, there they were, the Northern Lights and they were awesome. Way better than the pictures can ever depict them. I hope that you do get to see them some day. It is a trip.



  3. Matt, that’s just a given. It doesn’t need to be on a list. 😛 Tell me what being an extra was like? Was it before you had kids? There are a ton of opportunities for that sort of thing in Vegas, like an open call for Hangover 3, but who can afford a babysitter for something like that?

    Ardee-ann, that makes me so happy! That spectacular? I think it would be stunning. 😀

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