Miss Murder’s Plan For Global Domination

First, I have my core group of readers and friends. I even have a Facebook Street Team called The Demonic Darlings. (If you would like to become a Demonic Darling and have first crack at free books, spreading information on releases, prizes, etc, just let me know and I’ll add you to the group.) So. I take my Crazy Army of Darkness and we go out and READ.

That’s right. We read. My books, mainly, but we’ll throw other things in there, too. We readers love variety.

And then we’ll READ SOME MORE. Dig it.

These readers will find a book or a character that resonates with them. That’s the plan, Stan. Then they’ll tell all of their friends. If each reader tells one friend, then…well, we’ll have 12 new people recruited a year.

(My plans are humble. Realism is the new joie de vivre.)

Then they’ll have children. Their children will have children. And several children down the line, they’ll all be indoctrinated with my stories and tales of my bravery, and I’ll have several statues erected to me, plus a shopping center or two. And domination will be complete! Modest, but complete!

Of course, I’ll have died several generations back, but you can’t have it all.

(But seriously, if you’re interested in participating in the street team, let me know. We’re going to be promoting Pretty Little Dead Girls.)

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