So I Was Hit By A Bus The Other Day.

I know. It sounds like the start of a bad joke. And it was more like I was nudged by a school bus the other day, or I was pushed over more than hit. I can’t even tell you exactly what happened! I was standing on the sidewalk at my daughter’s school, waiting to pick her up. I had my back to a line of school buses, and one pulled out of line and passed the others. Somehow the back of the bus made contact with my body, and I would have totally sprawled on my face if the people standing next to me wouldn’t have caught me. I’m fine, just bruised and sore to the bone. And a little baffled, I’ll be honest.

But life continues! Pretty Little Dead Girls is getting some wonderful reviews! It was nominated for The Whitney Award, which delights me. And Nina drew me a picture tonight of a shark drinking hot chocolate in order to cheer me up. She also gave him some swimmers as snacks. That’s a thoughtful girl. 😀


4 Comments on “So I Was Hit By A Bus The Other Day.”

  1. Glad you’re OK. Sheesh, that’s scary! Cute drawing… my eldest drew me a picture of my car accident afterwards. I still have it.

    I just noticed that your main blog photo looks like you’re stabbing that guy. Tee hee!

  2. Glad you are alright! Love the picture. Such a thoughtful girl to give him some snacks for his cocoa. 🙂

  3. So good to hear that you weren’t badly hurt! You got so very lucky when everything is considered. Nina’s drawing is awesome. She truly is her mother’s daughter. Sending hugs, Ardee-ann

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