Easy Homemade Gnocchi For Beginners. Four Ingredients!


Seriously easy. As in get-your-five-year-old-to-make-it easy. You just handle boiling the water and the rest is good, yeah?

There are four ingredients.

1 cup ricotta cheese

1 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon grated Parmesan

1 cup flour


Get a saucepan, fill it up, and get that sucker to boiling. That will probably take the longest out of everything.

Throw everything together and stir it up.


Mix it with a spoon for a bit, and then you’ll have to abandon it and use your hands to press it into a dough. Divide it into three balls and roll them out like snakes. If you can’t remember how to do it, ask any neighborhood child to do it for you. It’s just like Play-Doh.

You fools! Roll them into snakes! Imbeciles!

You fools! Roll them into snakes! Imbeciles!

Cut them into 1/2 inch pieces.


Then press them with the tines of a fork, because you’re all fancy. That, and Maleficent orders you to. Do whatever that woman says with no questions asked!

Whatever you say, Mistress of All Evil!

Whatever you say, Mistress of All Evil!

By now your water should be boiling. Drop the gnocchi in and let it boil for about four minutes or until it floats to the top.


Top with marinara sauce and basil. And enjoy! You are now a superstar who can pull out a new crowd favorite in about twenty minutes.

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