In Which I Meet Aimee Bender and Swoon

aimee bender

She’s rife with whimsy. I think she’s secretly a pixie.


Aimee Bender is one of my favorite authors. I first heard of her when somebody read my short story “Flat, Flat World” and said, “You read Aimee Bender, right?” I was introduced to this brilliant, wise world rife with magical realism and some of the most beautiful prose I’ve ever read. Phrases fairly drip from her words like the richest of rains.


So when I found out she’d be a speaker at the Las Vegas Valley Book Festival, I was so excited and so nervous that it was pathetic. I mean, really, really pathetic.

But I sat front and center for her speech, and even had a chance to ask her a question during the Q&A. The best part was talking to her for a bit while she signed my book.


It was a very cool experience. I left happy and inspired in my own work. You can’t ask for anything better. 🙂

Who are some of your favorite authors? Have you ever had a chance to meet them at all? Would you, if you had the chance?


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  1. I love so many authors! I have had the chance to meet Josie S Kilpack. Adore her culinary mystery series, She was more love in real life than I ever dreamed up in my head. Right now I’m dying to meet Rita Sepetys, my current favorite new author. She has an amazing sense of rhythm to her wording and voice. I must learn from her! Wonderful post. I loved this and have to go hunt down these books now 🙂

  2. I AM SO JEALOUS!! She’s in my top 5, right behind Etgar Keret.

    My #1 favorite has always been Mary Rickert, who I’d wanted to meet for almost 10 years. I finally did last year and I’m not ashamed to say that I about cried when she signed my copy of MAP OF DREAMS.

  3. The only author I’ve met that I read is Neil Gaiman. Sadly, it was when I was in college and he did a comic book signing for his Sandman series at the now shuttered Dungeon Comics in Vegas, so I only knew him for the comics, which was awesome, but still I was not seeing him for the brilliant writer I see him as now. I’d love to meet Steve King, of course, and Jack Ketchum. Maybe have dinner with the two of them. Wish I had met Bradbury. And of course, yourself, in a non-creepy way though.

  4. Aften! I’ll have to look her up. Thank you for the suggestion!

    Don, you would LOVE her. So kind and intelligent. 😀

    Guy, I met Neil Gaiman briefly and he was just lovely. Jack Ketchum, too. He and I were lost at a con together. And I only want to meet you in the creepiest of ways. 😛

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