I’m Teaching a Workshop at UNLV!


I can’t tell you how excited I am! It’s a one day creative writing class full of young women. I was asked to read a bit from Pretty Little Dead Girls and then go on from there.

What a pleasure to be invited. And I couldn’t do it without my tribe, either. Thanks to my Angry Ginger who is willing to pick up my kiddos from school because I won’t be there to do it.

This is just AWESOME. And my poor Mom’s dreams are coming true, a bit. šŸ˜›

5 Comments on “I’m Teaching a Workshop at UNLV!”

  1. Congratulations! You’re a great role model for writers and for young women. You’ll show them how to do their best without taking themselves TOO seriously. After all, in this life a little whimsy goes a long way!

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